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"Uncle Jimmy’s Little Online Record Store"

Jimmy's mobile record store 2002

Jimmy ran this store from home. As well as selling CD recordings of his music, Jimmy produced CDRs in his ‘mini-studio’ for his Inkanish Label. These CDRs include: digital remixes of analogue LP recordings Jimmy made or produced earlier in his career; studio recordings made in collaboration with other well-known musicians; live recordings made at gigs with various bands; and compilations that Jimmy put together from his past music. If you are a fan of Jimmy’s then the CDRs will be of special interest to you as they are all from small limited editions and once sold will no longer be available. As examples of Jimmy’s Art, they are now collector’s items.

Jimmy left me a small stock of both CDs and CDRs for sale here at Prices are discounted so take the opportunity now if you're a Jimmy fan. 


The Lists

Now on sale - 2 rare 45RPM vinyl records!

Check out The Lists above left.


Payments Details

Payment by:

- Paypal (in Euros; in US, Canadian, Australian or N. Zealand Dollars;  in Swiss Francs or in £ Sterling)

- SEPA bank to bank transfer (Euros only)

I will send further payment details once you place an order.


Postal Charges

Posting is from Germany with a promise of same day/next business day posting on all paid orders

All Post is sent Insured Recordered Delivery


Post in Deutschland:

Insured Recorded Delivery Post: 4,50 € 


From 2019, the cost of international post has doubled.

Now, letter post can only contain paper products. Parcel post must be used. 

However, this means we can send any number of CDs you may order for the same priceup to 2 Kilograms!


Post to mainland EU countries:

Insured Recorded Delivery Post: €11.90 - but see our Special Offer! in the CD List


Post Worldwide:

Insured Recorded Delivery Post: €21.25 but see our Special Offer! in the CD List


Delivery time estimates 

Deutschland: 1-3 days

The UK and “mainland” Europe around 5 days from posting.

“Stateside” will normally take around 1-2 weeks.

Other destinations: 2 to 3 weeks.



To place an order, email me at



Make further enquiries by emailing me at

I will normally answer most emails within 24 hours of receipt.

I will normally try to ship orders within 24 hours of receipt of cleared payment.

I will provide satisfaction or your money back.


Thank you for your interest in Jimmy. I look forward to your custom and support. 

Income from sales helps me keep the website going, in memory of Jimmy.

Monika Black


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