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Now you will look for a waitress all...

Now you will look for a waitress all over the space now!!Thanks for your music and your attitude, one of my best guides!!! Never surrender Sergio

I had the honour of opening up for...

I had the honour of opening up for the Mothers in 1969 at The Rockpile in Toronto. I spent the whole show filling Jimmy's milkshake container with beer and staring at his bass drum. One of my greatest memories. RIP and say hello to Frank for me.Seb

Hi Jim,It's a pretty...

Hi Jim,It's a pretty impressive feat to have connected with so many people all across the world. My thoughts are with you.-Scott

Hey Jimmy,I had the best...

Hey Jimmy,I had the best time hanging out with you at Zappaning 2000. (I was the guy in the little Honda Civic that drove you and Bunk to go get lunch.) You made me feel like we were old friends right away. That really meant a lot to me and 8 years later I've still never forgotten that. I'm sending many good vibes back to you right now (with accrued interest) and wishing you all the best.Much love and respect,Roger T

Hello Jim.Just a quick reminder...

Hello Jim.Just a quick reminder in case you didn't know.Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time.The Muffinz play Stockport on Sunday, it'll be strange without you there, we'll all have a great time, I'm sure your 'boys' won't let you down. Nicola sends her love. xxx




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