50 Years of Music


Zappanale Ausstellung 2009 

Jimmy played several times at the famous annual Zappanale festival in north Germany.

He was there with The Grandmothers, The Jack & Jim Show, and The Muffin Men, in addition to guesting with other bands also playing

He famously road a horse onto the festival site in 2002 dressed in his Lonesome Cowboy Burt jacket [from the movie 200 Motels]

The festival's exhibition centre staged a commemoration in 2009 to celebrate Jimmy's 50 years of music, the summer after Jimmy went off to see if he could get to chat to Frank before Gail turned up

As well as showcasing Jimmy memorabilia including his drum kit, there was a wall of cards carrying condolences and recollections from fans and fellow musicians


Zappanale Austellung 1