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Art Tripp & JCB at The Cheetah 1968


1966 -The Trip on Sunset Strip -photos

1968 MOI, Royal Festival Hall, London [1/4] -YouTube (6.21) Music only

1969 The Truth Is – They're Not As Ugly As Their Pictures MOI gig review in Melody Maker

1971-02 Zappa's Got A Brand New Bag On the set of 200 Motels (article)

1971 Jimmy Carl Black in PANAMA RED - YouTube (4.53 -Movie clip!)

1980 Albuquerque -YouTube (2.43) Jimmy interviewed at work [see next link]

1980 ‘Harder than your husband’ -YouTube (Live in Albuquerque) (8.22)

Boogie Magazine By Ron Young, October, 1987

1989 Grandmothers at the Dam Cafe -YouTube (15.20) incl. ‘Great White Buffalo’




JCB Singing with Sandro Oliva

with Sandro Oliva:

1993 ‘Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance’ -YouTube [Black Olive] (4.07)

1996 ‘Lonely Lonely Nights’ / ‘Willy The Pimp’ -YouTube [With Sandro Oliva & The Blue Pampurios]


2007 ‘Money (That's What I Want)’ -YouTube (5.35)

2007 ‘Brown Shoes Don't Make It’ -YouTube (7.32)


The Grandmothers

1998 ‘Willy The Pimp’ -YouTube -Live in Paris, good recording (6.19)

2000 Zappening, USA: Tim Sundog -YouTube (6.12); Tim Sundog -YouTube (6.16)

2000 ‘Indian of the Group’ (Detroit, US) -YouTube (4.38)

2002 Interview with Roy Estrada [This interview now only available if you buy Andrew's book]

2002 Grandmothers Tour cancelled (Band cancelled as well!) –News [Website now cancelled as well!]

2002 Zappanale Statue Ceremony Part 1 -'Help I'm A Rock' - YouTube (8.41)


The Muffin Men with JCB

with The Muffin Men:

1993 ‘Willie The Pimp’ -YouTube (5.09) [Hot Rats!]

2002 ‘Trouble Comin’ Every Day’ -YouTube (2.58)

2003 Obing, Germany -YouTube (11.52)

2005 ‘Hot Rats’ -YouTube Hot Rats (4.11)

2006 ‘Trouble Comin’ Every Day’ -YouTube (1.33)

2007 Berlin -YouTube [3rd of 4 clips] -Jimmy on drums! See the other 3 for Jimmy singing (6.34)

Mr Kyps, Poole, UK -YouTube [uploaded 2010] (14.20) 


Farrell & Black Stateside 1999 with Darrell Black & Tony Young

Farrell & Black Band:

1995 “Indian Chant” -YouTube (3.03)

1995 ‘Hey Joe’ -YouTube (7.01)

1995 ‘Road Ladies’ -YouTube (4.14)



The Jack & Jim Show:

Jack & Jim



2001 ‘America Stands Tall’-YouTube (7.08)


2007 US Tour:

‘Hot Rats’ at the Bop Shop -YouTube (7.29)

‘The only kind of Rice I don't like is…’ at Davey’s Uptown Kansas -YouTube (2.42)


2008 Japan –‘Dropout Boogie’ -YouTube (2.38)




with Geronimo Black:

2007 ‘Hoochie Choochie Man’ -Jimmy’s last Gig @ the King's X -YouTube (5.47)


Happy Metal Band with JCBJimmy Carl Black & Friends:

Pimmel Blues -YouTube (2.57)

2007 ‘Chief Old Fox’ - YouTube (4.53) 

2008 ‘YOU BAD!’- YouTube -Track off 125 Electronic Beebop, released after JCB died (7.04)


2008 ‘Freedom Jazz Dance’ -YouTube -The Happy Metal Band (10.36)