United-Mutations -Lots of Posts on Jimmy - take what you read here with pinches of salt -Had a good biography, as accurate as the time allowed. But the bio has been bastardised by additional text culled from Jimmy’s book resulting in a mish-mash not worth reading. Get the book! 

Jimmy Carl Black [nndb] -Quite a good synopsis. Contains inaccuracies but welcomes corrections 

Jimmy Carl Black ( – a comprehensive listing of Jimmy’s musical opus up to 2004) [as of 17 Feb 2014] Welcomes corrections 


Pictures from an Exhibition [see here on this website] 

2009 Zappanale Ausstellung, Bad Doberan, Germany - Exhibition commemorating Jimmy's 50 Years of Music 

2015 The Galerie, Siegsdorf, Bayern, Germany - Exhibition of Sculptures by Jimmy 



Indian History 

Choctaw History 

University of Texas Caddo History 

Native Americans Photographs -See NABD37 

A Brief Caddo History
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Late 19th Early 20th Century photos -Caddo tribe
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Testimony of Mary Inkanish 



THE INDIAN OF THE GROUP -Muffin Tribute (6.38) 

RIP Jimmy Carl Black - "The Indian of the Group" (4.38) Grandmothers Detroit 2000 

RIP Jimmy Carl Black | Kill Ugly Radio Includes other links to follow 

2013 -The Fifth Jimmy Carl Black Memorial BBQ - You need to login to Facebook!




There were a number of obituaries written up in newspapers such as the Guardian UK, the NY Times and the LA Times, as usual inaccurate. So we won’t bother listing them now Jimmy’s book has been published.

So here are some links from guys that actually knew and remember Jimmy: 

Web Log: R.I.P. JIMMY CARL BLACK [Stephen W. Terrell] -includes links to photos and music 

Web Log: MORE ON JIMMY CARL [Stephen W. Terrell] -includes good history on the MV Lo Boys 


JCB 1993


1991 Moers Festival 

Jimmy Carl Black: Tim Mattox, Traveling Boy -92/93 Interview

2000 Steve Moore – 3 interviews in one! 

2000 Alan Clayson  

Ben Watson Radio -Co de Kloet talks to JCB -Radio show includes Co de Kloet’s interview 

2008 A Greenaway -last of 3 interviews.[This interview now only available if you buy Andrew's book] See for the other two

Prism Zappa & MOI: Jimmy Carl Black Part 1 -YouTube –Part 1 of 14 [See also other MOI Prism Interviews on YouTube]