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7” 45 rpm:

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Big Sonny & The Lo Boys


Love Me Two Times

Love Potion #9

Con Safo Records

15 € ea

Big Sonny & the Lo Boys

Big Sonny and The Lo Boys

Randy started taking this program of medication to stop drinking. He called me to say that Big Sonny Farlow was back in town and looking to start a new band. Chava and I called Big Sonny Farlow and we started rehearsing out at my house, down in the cellar. We started Big Sonny and The Lo Boys that night and the band was together for about three years. We cut one album and one single in that time. [From ‘For Mother’s Sake’]


Unplayed near mint copies that have minor scuffs or light scratches


Comes in a plastic sleeve [originally came in a plain white sleeve]
When needed - comes with separate spindle - 50c each.

All Gone - sorry!







Jimmy Carl Black


Thank You, Mr. Bill

Albuquerque Bound

Helios Records

5 € ea

Albuquerque Bound Thank You Mr Bill


I was working at the Sound Warehouse when I got a call from a very popular disc jockey in town - his call name was Mr. Bill. This was just before the presidential election between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. Well, it seems that he didn’t like either one of those guys and had started (as a joke) his own campaign for president. He had heard the show that I had done for the Heart Foundation and was also a Mothers of Invention fan, so he asked me if I would write a campaign song for him that he could start playing on the radio. I wrote ‘Thank You, Mr. Bill’ and got some musicians that I had been jamming with to go into the studio with me and my old friend, Phil Applebaum, to record it.

After recording it, I decided that I wanted to put it out as a single and I needed another tune for the B-side. I recorded ‘Albuquerque Bound’ which was written by my new song-writing “pardner”, Dawayne Bailey.

So, I had that single pressed at the same time we pressed Welcome Back, Geronimo Black, also on Helios Records. It is a silly little record that hardly sold anything, but it is a collector’s item… [From ‘For Mother’s Sake’]


Unplayed near mint copies that have minor scuffs 


With original sleeve - VG (bent corners, aged) & comes in a plastic sleeve
When needed - comes with separate spindle - 50c each.