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 The Grandmothers


"The Eternal Question" 

Inkanish Rec.

12 €

2001 The Eternal Question.jpg

[Inkanish IR0002 April 2002]

‘After the European tour, Walt Fowler came back out to Santa Fe to mix the recordings, but by that time the band had disintegrated..." That Grandmothers’ album was completed but never released as was intended. A lot of it has been released since - part of it was on Don Preston’s album Vile Foamy Ectoplasm and part of it was on a Tom Fowler LP on Fossil Records.

When I re-started Inkanish Records in 2001, I released that material plus some live stuff from the first Grandmothers’ tour in 1981. It was material from a live gig in Ribe, Denmark and sounds great.’ [For Mother’s Sake]

European Tour Line-up: Bunk Gardner, Don Preston, Tony Duran, Tom Fowler, Walt Fowler & Jimmy Carl Black; 

Session musicians: Steve Fowler, Albert Wing, Mike Miller, Tony Morales & Ike Willis

Check out the √ entry for full details and a review by Eugene Chadbourne (the other half of The Jack & Jim Show)


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The Grandmothers


Eating The Astoria

Obvious Rec.

12 € ea

2000 Eating the Astoria.jpg

[Obvious Music OM GM0100] 

Recorded Live at the London Astoria, March 13, 1998

[Mixed and digitally edited by Sandro Oliva, Rome 1999. Classic Jimmy vocals]

‘Before the show, I purchased a copy of the new "Eating the Astoria" CD in the lobby. After the show, Sandro assured me I'd enjoy it as he was signing the booklet, and he was right. I haven't had enough free time to listen to in its entirety yet (78 minutes of music - excellent value at $15 American) though the tracks I listened to so far are both sonically and musically stellar, and I am looking forward to diving back in.’ [Peter Quinnell]

GM Tour Line-Up 1998: Bunk Gardner, Maurio Andreoni, Sandro Oliva, Ener Bladezipper, Steve B.Roney & Jimmy Carl Black

Check out the √ entry for more details

[Cover Art by Helmut King]


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JCB & The X-Tra Combo


Mercedes Benz 

Inkanish Rec.

15 € ea

2000 Mercedes Benz.jpg

[Inkanish IR0001]
‘X-Tra Combo is a very good R&B horn band from Salzburg, Austria that Jimmy sings with. This band can really groove. There’s a bunch of classics on this one such as ‘Mercedes Benz’ with a Bo Diddly beat; a couple of Zappa classics, ‘Big Leg Emma’ and ‘Road Ladies’; Lowell George´s ‘I´m Willin´’ and some original songs by Jimmy like the classics, ‘Low Ridin´ Man’ and ‘Lady Queen Bee’. All in all, this one SMOKES.’ [For Mother’s Sake]

Check out the √ entry for full details and a review by Eugene Chadbourne (the other half of The Jack & Jim Show)

[Cover Art by Helmut King]


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[*Lady Queen Bee from the Mercedes Benz CD, recorded with X-Tra Combo, 1997]