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The Grandmothers


Eating The Astoria

Obvious Rec.

10 € ea

2000 Eating the Astoria.jpg

The last album title available from Uncle Jimmy's Record Store. Get your copy before there are no more!


[Obvious Music OM GM0100] 

Recorded Live at the London Astoria, March 13, 1998

[Mixed and digitally edited by Sandro Oliva, Rome 1999. Classic Jimmy vocals]

‘Before the show, I purchased a copy of the new "Eating the Astoria" CD in the lobby. After the show, Sandro assured me I'd enjoy it as he was signing the booklet, and he was right. I haven't had enough free time to listen to in its entirety yet (78 minutes of music - excellent value at $15 American) though the tracks I listened to so far are both sonically and musically stellar, and I am looking forward to diving back in.’ [Peter Quinnell]

GM Tour Line-Up 1998: Bunk Gardner, Maurio Andreoni, Sandro Oliva, Ener Bladezipper, Steve B.Roney & Jimmy Carl Black

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[Cover Art by Helmut King]


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[*Lady Queen Bee from The Grandmothers Live CD - Eating The Astoria, recorded 1998; released 2000]