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JimmyCarlBlack.com Newsletter: Feb 1st. 2021

Hi Everyone,
2021 is shaping up to be more remarkable than 2020, if that's possible?
For many, 2020 has meant spending more time at home. For oldies, even more so.
Who reads paperbacks anymore? Who needs to?
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JimmyCarlBlack.Com Newsletter 2020

JimmyCarlBlack.com Newsletter 2020


Hi Everybody!

Our annual newsletter to you all, coming up to Jimmy’s birthday anniversary on February 1st.

It’s been 12 years since Jimmy passed on and we still have CDs and Vinyls to sell! 

Tom, my son, helps me to keep Jimmy’s website going so our costs are low. 

***February 01 2019 - 81st Anniversary Newsletter***

To commemorate the 81st Anniversary of  Jimmy's birthday on the first of February we have a special sale on at JimmyCarlBlack.comClick on the heading to read more.




80th Anniversary newsletter

Just a reminder to all Jimmy's fans: Feb 1st 2018 marked the 80th anniversary of Jimmy's birth in El Paso Texas.
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In 2013, Tom Black revamped Jimmy's website, giving it a new look to reflect Jimmy's passing.
As we worked through the materials and resources Jimmy left behind, pages have been added to the website.
These include: --->>


Feb 2016


Feb 2016 Newsletter


* See under The Book link above:

1 the price of For Mother's Sake reduced again!

Recollections that didn't make the book: is a new link

3 don't forget you can get 25% off the .epub version of the e-book





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