Behind The Mirror


Behind The Mirror with JCB Kassel 1997A band called Behind The Mirror, who are big Mothers fans, got in touch with me and asked me if I would play a few shows with them. They recorded the shows and later they came over to my house in Bad Boll and recorded a bunch of other stuff.  They compiled an album from all the tapes; it was released on a CD called Cockroach Albert. - I think [it’s] a really good album, they’re very funny guys!Behind The Mirror with JCB Kassel 1997
An Evening with BTMAn Evening with BTM
An Evening with BTM
An Evening with BTMAn Evening with BTM


By the way: we (BTM) released another CD with the contribution of Jimmy (those recordings in Boll were mainly narrations and "narrative improvisations" by Jimmy) called "The Secrets Of Crater 6". 

It contains the astounding narration of Jimmys experience of the explosion of the first atomic bomb in 1944 on the "Trinity Testsite" New Mexico, not far from  his hometown Anthony, Texas. Jimmy was only six years old but he remembered: "It blew windows out, but we didn't know what was happening. No one knew, 'cause the Government didn't tell us! You know how silent governments are, when it comes to things like that…"The Secrets of Crater 6 2000The music piece is called "Tumbleweed Canyon" and it is also featured on the CD "Native America Calling" on the Trikont label See the review in SZ newspaper from 2010.
There's also a brilliant video featuring this song that was part of the program for the Nuclear Free Future Award Ceremonies in New York 2010.