Project Jimmy


Moving to Europe was the best thing Jimmy did for his career as a musician. Jimmy was a "Leg-end" with Mothers fans in Europe. By the mid nineties, he found himself in demand as much as a singer as a drummer. Frank Zappa not having made him rich, he had little choice but to go out on the road as often as possible. He truly became a troubador. The years 1995-2008 saw him making music with a variety of bands, playing with 2, 3, 4, 5 different bands a year. He enjoyed the singing and playing but towards the end of his time, he did get tired of the touring, especially humping his drum kit. But as many fans say, no matter how tired, he was mostly gracious and seemed to enjoyed talking to them, as well as being interesting and funny.

Along the way he made some great music with a variety of musicians and even produced CD albums with them. Here below are just some of them!

X-Tra Combo

Mercedes Benz 2000


The first gig[s] performed with Jimmy Carl was at the Rockhouse in Salzburg in Feb. 1997…and at the Arge Nonntal. Two weeks later, we met at Apple Studio and recorded nine tracks. We only played a few gigs [the] next four years and finally decided it was time to finish the project. We met in April 2001 and finished the CD. This has got to be one of the best R&B horn bands that Jimmy has had the pleasure of performing and recording with in his long career as a musician.

with Roy Estrada
[Mothers, Little Feat]

Mick Pini
[Jimmy Carl Black Band]

Hamburger Midnight 2002


The third official release on Inkanish Records... This is the first recording with Jimmy’s old “pardner”, Roy Estrada, from the Mothers of Invention years. This great rhythm section hadn’t played together in 32 years!

with Roddie Gilliard [Muffins]

&  Mick Pini 

How Blue Can You Get 2006


It features Mick Pini on guitar and vocals; Roddie Gilliard on bass and vocals. I am singing and playing drums. It is a collection of songs that we all have wanted to do for a long time. Some very classic Dylan stuff, a BAND classic, and a Lou Reed classic plus much more for your listening pleasure. The band did all cover tunes this time around just because they could!
Boogie Stuff 

Have Mercy 2004


As the 15th year anniversary of Boogie Stuff approaches, the band has just completed this new CD titled Have Mercy. It has been my pleasure to play with the group and also record some songs for this album. I have been singing with them on the road and it really has been a lot of fun for me to tour and perform with musicians like Fred, Andy & Horst. ... I hope the guys will have mucho success with this CD and I thank them for allowing me to play with them.
Jon Larsen

Strange News From Mars 2007


 "... a very interesting recording by Jon Larsen, who is a very talented guitarist and songwriter. I went to Oslo, Norway and went into the studio the second morning and did my talking parts and a little percussion on a few tracks. He then took the tracks to Los Angeles and got Arthur Barrow, Tommy Mars, and Bruce Fowler to play on most of the songs. I really like the sound of the recording, as it sounds very Zappa like."

[From: JCB interview with Andrew Greenaway, for, Aug 7, 2008]

with Steven De Bruyn

and Jos Steen

Black - Brown - Stone 2006


When I played that festival with “Dr. Chadbourne” in France..., I met and played with Steven De Bruyn who is a harp player from Belgium. He later asked me if I was interested in coming to Brussels and recording a CD with him and a guy named Jos Steen in the Belgium National Radio studio.
I said sure, so I went and recorded with them. The pay was good and they paid all my expenses from Germany. It is a very interesting recording that fans would enjoy.