The Music of Jimmy Carl Black & Friends 1

From California To Austin

1970 - 1993

In 1969, Frank Zappa sacked the Mothers

Jimmy formed the short-lived Geronimo Black

After a spell in Mesilla Valley with the Lo Boys, Jimmy moved to first, New Mexico,

and then Austin, Texas where he played with many a musician

While painting houses with Arthur Brown to make ends meet

But it was here that he made the connections that would lead to a move to Europe

Nolan Porter: 1972

1972 Geronimo Black1976 LoBoys1979 Big Sonny & Lo Boys
1979 In Heat1980 Welcome Back1980 Thank You, Mr Bill1980 Albq. Bound

1981 Clearly Classic

2002 Jr Franklin and The Golden Echoes

1987 A Lil'l Dab'l Do Ya

1988 Brown,Black, & Blue

2001 Holzhaus, Black &Teresas

Austin Lounge Lizards: Highway of The Damned 1988

Henry Vestine: Guitar Gangster 1991