The Music of Jimmy Carl Black & Friends 4

Europe in the Naughties 2

Jimmy continued to collaborate with other musicians, including Mick Pini and Bruno Marini and lastly, with Jon larsen

Jon produced the audio recording of Jimmy's autobiography

With Bruno Marini, Jimmy produced his last studio recordings

With Mick Pini and Uwe Jesdinsky, Jimmy played his final gig

With Greg Russo, Jimmy released his final albums as downloads

2007 Black Brown Stone2006 How Blue Can You Get2007 Live in Steinbach2008 Live at the Merlin
2008 It Happened Here- GMs at Zappanale 20032008 Classic Indian Rock Songs2008 Freedom Jazz Dance 
2007 Strange News from Mars

2007 The Session

JCB Story 2007 with Jon Larsen



2008 Where's My Waitress

2008 Where's My Waitress


I'm Not Living Very Extravagantly,

I'll Tell You For Sure


Can I Borrow a Couple of Bucks

Til the End of the week 


If We'd All Been Living in California 



2010 125 electronic bebop

2010 Native America Calling

Zappanale 2013 Vinyl Promo