The e-Book

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The e-Book

Now available in two formats: for Kindle readers and for “.epub” readers such as Apple and Adobe

 1. To mark Jimmy's 76th birthday The Kindle edition of For Mother's Sake was published on Saturday Feb 1 2014:

- The list price is now only ~US$2.99

- Copies can be purchased from, from, from and from other Amazon websites in Europe and around the world


2. The Smashwords edition was published in Aug 2014 as a .epub file for those who do not use a Kindle e-book reader:

- The list price is only US$2.95

- For your .epub copy go to

- The Smashwords edition is also available from other outlets, such as: Apple, Barnes & Noble, Page Foundry, Baker & Taylor's Blio, Kobo and subscription sites such as: Overdrive, Flipkart, Oyster & Scribd

 - Epub files can be read by a number of e-book readers. Adobe Digital Editions (for example) is available as a free download .epub reader on your computer, tablet or i-phone, so you don’t need to buy an e-reader and you don't need to subscribe to an e-reader outlet.


Editor's Notes: (from both e-Editions)

For technical reasons, and to improve readability, a number of changes to the printed edition have been made:


-There are fewer illustrations, a feature of the printed edition. But in the updated edition, the number of photos has been more than doubled. Not all photos are of the best quality - some are very old. But most are now in color and some are only included in this edition. 


-There are no ‘Episode’ headings, also a feature of the printed edition. Several chapter headings have been modified slightly.


-Notes are now at the back of the book and not at the end of each section. Hyperlinks provide shortcuts to each note and back.


-There is no index, a third feature of the printed edition that cannot be included in this electronic version.


But the story remains the same!