Errata in For Mother’s Sake

The two lists here are relevant to the paperback edition only:

[e-book versions have been corrected]

Top Hat Errors in the Body Text:


Page 63 Chapter 5

Graphic should read: ‘See Note 41’, tho’ Note 40 is also appropriate

Page 154 Chapter 10 Powell’s Liquor Store

Last line should read: ‘stilled blitzed’

Page 186 Chapter 13 Kludget Sound Studios

Should read Kludgit Sound Studio

Page 212 Chapter 17

‘Grandmothers 1st Tour: May ’93’ – This should read (late) June ’93, which places this episode after ‘Jack and Jim in the UK: June ’93’

Page 260 Chapter 20

Should read ‘Chenny’s Hunting Dogs’



KeysErrors in the Notes:


Page 50 Notes to Chapter 4 Note 38

Should read: ‘[But see: Note 28]’

Page 50 Notes to Chapter 4 Note 38

Should read: ‘[But see: Note 29]’

Page 71 Notes to Chapter 5 Note 18

Should read: ‘[See: Chapter 4 Note 41]’

Page 72 Notes to Chapter 5 Note 30

Should read: ‘[See also: Note 33]’

Page 120 Notes to Chapter 7 Note 25

This is the first mention of Life magazine by JCB.’

Not correct!

Page 120 Notes to Chapter 7 Note 42

Should read: ‘Of E.L.P. fame’

Page 190 Notes to Chapter 13 Note 26

Should read: …[Ref:]

Page 226 Notes to Chapter 17 Note 4

Should read: JCB actually says 15 years here so this suggests this chapter dates to around 1994

Page 263 Notes to Chapter 20 Note 9

Should read: ‘Both CDs released on Inkanish Records, 2002’

Pensive JimAlso a discrepancy: In 1968, Jimmy meets ‘Marianne’ in Stockholm. She is at the 1969 festival in Central Park, where her name is spelt ‘Maryanne’. Take your pick. Interestingly enough, Zappa seems to mention her in an interview in 1969, but calls her Shirley Ann or Shirley Anne or…


A Note: According to one recent reviewer of the printed edition, the "recollections" (Part 4) are riddled with typos. The "editors" are duely chastised for their lax proofing! Sorry though we are for the typos listed above, there are no more than in your average book, are there? (Mar 20015)