Newsletters 2&1: FMS in Print!

2014 February Newsletter 2 (synopsis):


TheBookNews: The Kindle edition of 'For Mother's Sake'

Published by Amazon on Feb 1 2014 to commemorate Jimmy's birthday.

Buy the 'print' edition through Amazon and get the Kindle E-edition for FREE!

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2013 November Newsletter 1 (synopsis):


News: 'For Mother's Sake' published at last!

Read Jimmy’s very entertaining autobiographical memoirs and recollections, now postumeously published.

Click on The Book link above for further details on buying 'For Mother's Sake'.

Click here for a decade-by-decade synopsis of Jimmy's story as it unfolds.


[Jimmy's 'new look' website was first posted in April 2013. So our most humble apologies for being so slow in getting round to this 'newsletter']