EU Grandmothers 1998

EU - Grandmothers Touring Again 

EU Grandmothers 1998



This line-up - The EU Grandmothers - performed in Europe for the 1998 and the 2000 tours and included 3 Italian musicians, 1 Dutch musician and 2 American musicians from the USA tho' only one lived there, so truly a European band!

EU Grandmothers 1998

The band now included Steve B. Roney on drums

Mauro Andreoni [front] on keyboards for Don Preston



 Pfefferberg 1998

Jimmy now sang and played percussion 


Eating The Astoria

Graphic Artwork by Helmut King


Eating The Astoria

Recorded Live at the London Astoria

March 13, 1998


Mixed and digitally edited by Sandro Oliva

Rome 1999


Classic Jimmy vocals


Released 2000





Eating The Astoria -Song List

‘Before the show, I purchased a copy of the new "Eating the Astoria" CD in the lobby. After the show, Sandro assured me I'd enjoy it as he was signing the booklet, and he was right. I haven't had enough free time to listen to in its entirety yet (78 minutes of music - excellent value at $15 American) though the tracks I listened to so far are both sonically and musically stellar, and I am looking forward to diving back in.’

[Peter Quinnell, 2000]