Grandmothers - Winter 1993

Grandmothers Tour Europe: Winter ’93

We had Sandro in the band now!

The GMs - Summer 1993

We started rehearsing - two full weeks!

Don Preston, JCB & Bunk Gardner

Sandro learned all his parts*

The GMs - Summer 1993

The first gig was in Umea, Sweden. We flew up there, six of us, the band and Reinhard. We got there a day early and did a big press conference. After that, we flew down to Stockholm and played there, then onto Copenhagen, played there and flew back to Stuttgart. We had one day there, back at the house. The next day, the “Magic Bus” arrived. We left at about midnight and drove to Vienna.

* ask Regina!


The GM Touring Team


That was the beginning of the bus tour. We played Vienna, Munich and Fulda, and then we went to Weimar, Dresden and Cottbus. We had four days off then so we drove to Amsterdam, because Ener had gotten a gig for us there. We stayed at his mom’s house and did a radio show. From there we went all the way back down to Lindau, to the Club Vaudeville. We spend the night once again at my house in Bad Boll and the next day we left for Mainz. After that, we went back to Amsterdam.

We got to Amsterdam at about 10 in the morning. Ener went into the little shop next to the club and bought a paper and there it was, front page: “Zappa Dies!” 

GM Tour Venues Nov-Dec 1993  


Note: Jimmy does not mention the The Festival Hall gig in his Memoirs 


GMs Tour - Fall 1993